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If It's Not Insulated, Neither Are You. We Keep Them Up Here For A Reason Even Three Is A Crowd.


Below is the link to the press release issued by Brazos Electric. Brazos Electric filed a voluntary petition for relief under Chapter 11 of the US Bankruptcy Code. This initiated a financial restructuring of Brazos Electric to maintain the stability and integrity of it's system. Brazos Electric determined that it cannot and will not foist this catastrophic financial event on its members and consumers.

Brazos Electric Press Release

If you have specific questions about your bill please call the office and we would be happy to help you.


We know there are concerns for your upcoming bills. It is likely that most everyone’s usage has increased quite a bit due to many days of very cold temperatures. Please keep in the mind the bills will be for usage from Jan 21, 2021 to Feb 20, 2021. Fort Belknap’s rate per kwh has not changed. However there is a fuel cost factored into our bills that is based on the power bill we receive from Brazos. Brazos Electric, on Fort Belknap’s behalf, procures the energy that we distribute to our members, some with its own generation units and some with market resources. We should have a power bill from Brazos Electric late next week and process our billing at that time. For all billing questions or concerns please call our office between 8am-5pm at 940-564-2343 or 940-564-3526. Thank you.


With cold temperatures across North Texas, heating systems will continuously ramp up to respond to temperatures from the teens to the 30s. We encourage members to be even more vigilant in determining ways to control their energy usage as the higher consumption will lead to higher-than-normal bills in the next four to six weeks, depending on your billing cycle. 

Every winter when we encounter the weather we'll see over the coming days, members ask if the cooperative raised rates when they get their ensuing bills. It's not that rates have gone up. It's that usage has surged during the transition from traditionally low usage periods in October and November to the harsh, low temperatures from December through February. 

Heating and cooling are responsible for the largest part of a typical electric bill, which makes sense because weather is the number one driver of energy consumption. Regardless of whether someone is at home or away during the day, weather dictates energy consumption. 

Even when you lower your thermostat to 60 degrees, if it's 20, 30, 40 or even 50 degrees outside, it's going to affect the ambient air in your home and trigger the heater to turn on, compounding energy consumption. Even highly efficient heat pumps cannot keep up when temperatures drop to freezing or below, which prompts emergency heat to turn on and subsequently use more electricity than normal.  

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Fort Belknap Electric Cooperative COVID-19 Statement


The safety and well-being of our members and employees is of utmost importance. Fort Belknap Electric Cooperative (FBEC) has been monitoring and will continue to closely monitor and make changes in response to the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We take very seriously our responsibility to protect our employees, their families, our members and the communities we serve. 


In response to health concerns prompted by COVID-19, our office will be closed to the public beginning on March 20, 2020, lasting through the near future or until the outbreak diminishes. Please click here for more information and payment options. 



Fort Belknap Electric Cooperative, Inc., is a member-owned, non-profit electric cooperative established in 1939. 

The Cooperative’s service area includes rural areas in Young, Throckmorton, Stephens, Shackelford, Archer, Jack, and Palo Pinto counties as well as within the city limits of Olney and Newcastle, Texas.

The Cooperative maintains 2,143 miles of electric line and has 6,276 connected meters.  Although the Cooperative is one of Texas’ smaller cooperatives, we strive to keep our electric rates competitive and our service reliable.  We have 28 dedicated employees ready to serve our members and maintain reliable service.



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